Technowitty launches “Motion Jokey” 

Motion Jokey

The web is changing every day and we have so much to talk about our product and services in a very limited time. This was the profound idea behind adding a motion graphics service in the bouquet of service that we offer. We created “Motion Jokey”, a new brand that is fully dedicated to creating animated graphic content.

Why motion graphics?

Motion graphics is a fantastic way to engage the audience and deliver a lot of information in a very short time frame. Unlike text contents, motion graphics create visual experiences that are easy to understand. It enables businesses with more opportunities to convince their audient to go for their products and services.

What makes Motion Jokey different?

What really sets Motion Jokey apart from its competitors is the “simplicity” that we bring in our ideas. We believe, no matter how complex the products or the services are, there is always a way to explain it without making it look more complex. We put ourselves into the customer’s shoes and develop concepts that are impactful enough so that even we can be sold with that concept.

Our storytelling is such that it engages and connects the audience. We are proud to have a team of  scriptwriters, illustrators, and animators who are exceptionally good in their field

How do we do it?

We follow some simple steps to create great motion content.

Requirement analysis – We listen to all the details that our clients have to tell us. We listen more so that we can create valuable content. We cover the tiniest of details and make sure nothing is left out.

Script – Once the requirement is analyzed, our scriptwriter creates a script that is clear, simple, and delivers the exact message to the audience.

Storyboarding – Storyboarding is a visual representation of the video sequence based on the script. We create this in such a way that it connects all the frames seamlessly and makes the video fun to watch.

Graphic creation – Once the storyboarding is complete, now its time to create graphics. While creating graphics and characters we make sure that your brand guidelines are followed properly.

Voice over- A smooth narration to the script make the entire video extremely easy to understand. We have a pool of voice talents that you can choose from.

Animation – Once all the above steps are complete, its time to give life to our characters and graphics. Quality animation is a game-changer and we make sure we put all our efforts to bring that into your project.

Review and delivery – Not all contents can be created perfectly in a single attempt. That is why we listen to your review and make necessary adjustments to the project. We don’t stop until its absolutely perfect for you.

Technowitty always belives in forward-thinking. With Motion Jokey, our goal is to help all sizes of businesses create quality animated content. We shall keep adding other services that we think necessary to enable businesses to reach their goal online.

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Why motion graphics

Technowitty launches vector stock website “Hello Vector”

Hello Vector

Hello Vector, a place where you can find hundreds of exclusive graphics and art that can be used in personal and professional projects. It is a hub of exclusive graphics specializing in quality Australian Aboriginal artworks, Infographics, T-Shirt design, Website graphics, and clip art, etc.

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art is an ancient and sacred art form by the indigenous people of Australia. It represents the oldest traditional art form to be found anywhere on earth. It is a part of the historical record of the Australian continent. Even today Aboriginal people rely on ancient stories to create something meaningful related to their culture.

Aboriginal Art is closely related to understanding the meaning of nature and it is also linked with the religious ritual of tribal people. It is regional in style representing own style and preference. Every pattern and dot form represents different communities and ancient folktales. The paintings have a broad sweep of the landscape, representing spinifex, grasslands, flora-fauna, and nature with the powerful bands of the space and sky. The sheer beauty and diversity of this art form have gained popularity among art lovers around the world.
Browse our Aboriginal Art collection.


Infographic is a combination of two words “information” and “graphics”. In Infographics the graphics are represented as a form of data to make the information more clear to understand. Hence infographics are very trending and have been evolving quite in the recent decade.
Browse our infographics collection here:

T-Shirt Vector Graphics

Browse our varied collection of t-shirt vector art designs based on popular quotes, texts, & funky styles.

Website Graphics

Download beautiful collection of vector art that is suitable for website, graphic design and mobile apps from Hello Vector.

At Hello Vector, our goal is to help businesses generate constant cash flow with our designs and artworks. To make this happen one can subscribe to gain access to exclusive graphics and vector artwork and customize the same at affordable rates.

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Technowitty launches Android app

EasyTodo is a simple todo list that aims to make your life easier by helping you get things done. Use EasyTodo to remember things, tell it to remind you at time or at a place, manage your grocery list and use as your task manager. Sync with the Google Tasks account on cloud. Manage and organize your tasks and todo items in the most innovative and intuitive way.

Details of permissions explained below

EasyTodo is loaded with some of the most innovative and exciting qualities –

  • Simple and sleek – Arguably the most professional looking todo / GTD app out there, EasyTodo brings you the ultimate Android™ experience, wherever you are.
  • Everything at your fingertips – EasyTodo automatically detects the action you want to take like calling, texting or emailing someone, or visiting a place with someone and presents it as an action with the task.
  • Three more dimensions for you – With EasyTodo, you can set reminder at a place, so that it can remind you of the task whenever you’re just there!
  • Type less, do more – EasyTodo suggests most relevant keywords detected from you tasks.
  • Command – Adds your tasks by voice!
  • Stay on the cloud – Sync your tasks with Google™ Tasks seamlessly with various flexible timing options. Control how often tasks are synchronized for each account.
  • Stay connected – EasyTodo helps you with suitable suggestions from your contact book while typing.
  • (Don’t) Forget to remember – EasyTodo is really smart. It will add a task when you miss a call from someone, so that you never forget to call back your boss or dear one. It will also remind your friends birthday on time!
  • Cross it off – Swipe your finger to mark tasks as complete or incomplete. And you can configure this action to navigate among task lists too.
  • Find anything here – Search all your tasks with EasyTodo.
  • Experience the ease – Quickly switch between your Local and Cloud (Google™ Tasks) accounts.
  • No ads – We understand the value of your time. EasyTodo is an ad-free application.
  • And yes, feel at home ☺ EasyTodo supports the basic todo stuff too –
    • Manage your tasks and todo list
    • Prioritize your tasks GTD
    • Categorize your tasks in Task Lists
    • Sort tasks according to date / list / priority
    • Set reminders for your tasks, once or repeated
    • Share individual tasks and task lists
    • Use home screen widgets
    • Get things done 🙂
  • And many more innovative features to come in the next version!

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Permissions explained

Your accounts – To allow you to add your Google Tasks account, and to prompt you to add one if you already don’t have one on your phone.

Services that cost you money – Yes, you can directly make a call from EasyTodo. Add a task ‘Call ABCD’ and EasyTodo will show you a button clicking which ABCD will be called if he / she is in your contact book.

Your personal information – Your contact list is scanned when you type specific words like call or text.

Run at startup – Allows us to set the reminder alarms when the phone boots up

Read call log – To find out who called you last when you have a missed call. Of course you can disable the scanning in the app preference.

Your location – So that it can remind you when you are at any particular place.

Common permissions are not explained.

Technowitty lunches TheITHelpDesk

TheITHelpDesk is online trading name for Campaign Developer Limited

The IT help desk is a renowned and a leading provider of Technical Support and services to consumers, traders and small businesses from all walks of life across a wide range of computing and communication devices and software applications. Working on our founding principle of Technology Redefined IT help desk delivers its user friendly and affordable services to millions of its customers globally and its services are available anytime for everyone from United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia – 24/7 basis.